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1) Tips for a Perfect Finish - Door Painting:
Always paint with the grain of the wood
Try to finish a complete door in one session, as the joins will be noticeable if you stop and restart when the previous paint is dry. If the door is a different color on either side, always paint the latch edge to match the face the will open into the room. Paint the hinge edge to match the other face. painting tips

2) Concealing a Filler:
Remember to apply primer to filled areas when refinishing previously painted wood. The repair may be very smooth and unobtrusive, but unless primed, the filler will show through as a dull spots and spoil the new paint finish. Send smooth when dried.

3) How to tell if your paint job is good:
It's tempting to repaint over old paint to reduce preparation time, but you should only do this if the previous paint job is good. Using a utility knife, lightly score an X into the old surface, then press a tab of duct tape on to it. Rip off the tab to see if the paint comes off too, if it does, you need to strip It off; if it doesn't, you can give it a light sand and repaint.

4) Spray Painting Vinyl Windows:
Spray paint can be useful for vinyl windows and doors, as it provides even coverage without brush marks. However, you must mask off everything you don't want painted, as the paint spray will migrate and other surfaces can be contaminated by paint “fallout”.

5) How to clean a paint pad:
Paint pads are easy to clean because the sponge pad is quite thin and does not retain a lot of paint residue. Hold the pad under running water, and then squeeze out the paint residue with your fingers. Press the pad against the side of the sink to remove the water. Let it dry before storing.

Boulder Epoxy Painting: Painting Tips

6) How to clean a paint roller:
This can be a time-consuming process. Scrape the excess paint from the roller cover using the curved side of a cleaning tool - you can also use the back of a knife of a large spoon. Wash the roller cover with warm water and detergent, then rinse clean under a running tap. Let dry completely before storing.

7) Protecting Surfaces:
Apply a strip of masking tape next to the surface you'll be painting - along door and window frames, for example - unless you have a very steady hand. Protect flooring with a dust sheet.

8) Painting order of work:
Always work in a logical fashion, which means starting with the ceiling. Then begin work on the walls, staring in the top right hand corner of each wall if you are right handed and vice versa if you;re left handed.

9) Strange Tip: Eliminating Odors
If you hate how paint smells, cut an onion in half and place it cut-side up in the room. Amazingly, it removes the smell! Strange, but very effective.

10) Easy-Clean roller Tray
Before adding paint to the roller tray you can line it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to make cleaning up quick and easy!

Boulder Epoxy Painting: Painting Tips


tag:Boulder Epoxy Painting: Painting Tips

tag:Boulder Epoxy Painting: Painting Tips

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